Saturday, June 8, 2013

phpMyAdmin Interface Improvements

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here. I will use this blog to communicate the progress of my GSoC 2013 project  and hopefully even afterwards to write about some technical stuff.

First of all here are some details about the project. My project is titles "phpMyAdmin Interface Improvements" and as the name suggests I plan to implement an array of small to medium scale features during this summer. My mentor for this project is Isaac Bennetch and I look forward to cooperate with him in order to implement the feature requests with high usability.

More details about my project can be found here. Here is an extraction from my proposal to give you a high level overview of the project.

"phpMyAdmin is quite a matured project with more than 14 years of history behind it. It possesses almost all the major features required for a database administrative tool and there is very little that can be added in this front. However there is always room for small and medium scale new features. This is evident from the huge backlog of feature requests requested in the project’s feature request tracker. In this proposal, I propose a number of small to medium scale improvements chosen from the feature request tracker, majority of them selected by the developers of the project themselves and listed in the GSoC 2013 project ideas list."

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