Sunday, September 8, 2013

Twelfth week report - Unit testing and improvements

By the start of the last week most of the scheduled developments were over as planned initially. What I planned for the last week was adding new unit tests for the code written in the second half of GSoC. With the experience of writing unit tests from the first half adding new unit tests were not very hard and I submitted a pull request with new unit tests.

While adding a new table level tab for table specific privileges I realized a limitation in the was I implemented configurable menus. In the system table that stores the allowed menus I had a column for each menu to indicate whether that tab is allowed. However this resulted in the need to change table structure whenever a new tab is added to phpMyAdmin. Hence I went on to change the table structure and submitted a pull request for that too.

With the last weeks work my planned tasks for GSoC come to an end. I've asked my mentor whether there is anything else I need to do before the deadline and would attend to any work he might pointed out. All in all it has been a very good experience and I learned a lot.  :)

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