Monday, July 22, 2013

Fifth week report - Hide/unhide tables in navigation tree

During the fifth week of coding I went on to implement 'Hide/unhide tables in navigation tree' feature. Although I originally planned to start working on it in the fourth week I was unable to do so due to some work carried forward from third week. However I was able to finish off the work and the feature is now ready to be merged after my mentor's inspection.

This feature requires an additional table to the phpMyAdmin database to make the hiding stored permanently. When this table is configured an icon is displayed in front of each table which allows the table to be hidden from the tree. Any database having hidden tables will also have an icon in front of it which allows unhiding hidden tables. Unhiding tables is facilitated in a dialog which is poped up upon clicking the above icon and it shows hidden tables and allow unhiding each of them. Below screenshots illustrates what is described above.

When implementing the feature I had in mind that this could be extended to other items in the navigation tree and designed the feature in such a way. Later I extended the feature to allow hiding/unhiding functions, procedures, events and views.

What I have planned for the sixth week is 'Exporting view as it was a table' feature. After the implementation a user exporting a view would have the choice of choosing between the definition of the view (current implementation) or the data of the view (proposed implementation). If the latter is chosen, the new implementation would derive a suitable table structure (CREATE TABLE statement) as well as insert queries.

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