Monday, July 15, 2013

Fourth week report - Ajax dialog for editing a view

During the fourth week of coding my main focus was on implementing feature request 1373, which requested to use the same editor creating and altering views. Earlier the SQL editor was used for view altering which did not provide any guidance on the process. So I went on to use the same editor used for view creation for view altering. Further view create/alter editor lacked some features such as fields to define SQL Security and Definer parameters. I have now added these fields to the editor, so the user has the full capability to create/alter a view. Here is a screenshot of view altering editor.

Isaac and Marc had commented about the configurable menus feature I implemented last week. In their comments they had suggested some improvements and I spent the latter half of the week implementing them. Those improvements included a feature to view users of a particular user group, separating user and user group management to separate secondary level tabs. Here is a screenshot of the new look and feel of 'Users' page.

In my schedule I had planned to start working on 'Hide/unhide tables' feature. But this got delayed as I had to work on the configurable menus feature. However this should not be a problem as I have this whole week allocated to completed the feature.

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