Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sixth week report - Export view as it was a table

Sixth week of coding was spent mostly on two tasks. The first one was extending hiding tables in navigation panel to other top level items under a database and polishing up the implementation. There were couple of suggestions by my mentor as well as other phpMyAdmin team members about the wordings and tables names I corrected them in my subsequent commits. The second task for the week was implementing 'rfe #1321 - Export view as it was a table'.

Implementing the new feature I introduced a new checkbox at the export page for the users to specify whether views should be exported as they were tables. This is not checked by default, leading to exporting view definitions as earlier, not to surprise users who are used to the old behavior. Here is a screenshot of it.

To derive a suitable structure for the table I used the output from getColumns() method of DatabaseInterface and the data returned by the method were sufficient to identify the properties of each column of the view.

The feature works at 3 levels
1. Exporting a view using the export tab at table level
2. Exporting the results of a query on a view
3. Exporting rows of a view by selecting the with checkboxes that are displayed against each row.

As indicated in my schedule I plan to use this week to write test cases and documentation for the development carried out in the first iteration. I have updated most of the documentation alongside feature implementation. So documentation would mostly be on updating the wiki.

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