Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eighth week report - Unit testing ctd. and fractional seconds in time

During the eighth week of GSoC I continued to add unit tests for the new code written in the first half of the program. Specifically I added unit tests for navigation item hiding feature implemented quite closer to the mid term evaluation. Writing unit test cases was not as challenging as the previous week due to the experienced gain writing unit tests.

During the same week I implemented the feature request that requested phpMyAdmin extend its support for time, datetime and timestamp data types with fractional seconds. The major problem for implementation was jQuery timepicker not supporting micro seconds. I looked into this problem earlier and had submitted a solution to jQuery timepicker project which got integrated. So I updated the plugin to its latest stable version and went on to add fractional seconds for time data types.

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  1. Excellent! A good example of how a bit of planning ahead (submitting the solution to jQuery) helped make your present time easier.