Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ninth week report - 'Single Row Editor: Value column too small' & 'Change icon in the left pane to based on the link target'

During the ninth week of coding I went on to implement two feature requests, namely
1. Single Row Editor: Value column too small and
2. Change icon in the left pane to based on the link target

The first one requires that a text area is provided to edit binary values when the size of the value exceeds the size that can easily be edited with an input field. The seconds feature request was to change the icon shown before the table name be adjusted based on the target of the icon. By default clicking on the icon takes the user to table structure page and the icon should be the 'structure' icon to represent that. Similarly the icon needs to be changed to reflect the link target if it is configured to something else.

Implementation wise both these feature requests were much easier than I anticipated and I was left with extra time to work on something else. Hence I started working on 'Navigation panel and current table' which was originally planned for the next week and seems to take more time than I anticipated earlier. During the next week I will work on completing it.

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