Monday, August 26, 2013

Tenth week report - Navigation panel and current table

During the tenth week of coding I implemented the feature request '#1398 - Navigation panel and current table'. Even though I personally loved the navigation tree improvement it seems that people find it not so user friendly due to some of its shortcomings. One of them is that it does not indicate the current database or table/view when navigation was done without using it.

When implementing the feature request I used PMA_commonParams.get() function which makes the current database and table available for JavaScript level. With these variables the navigation decides where the user had navigated and open the database or table/view appropriately.

What this feature request does is,
1. When  the user is in the database level, current database is highlighted in the navigation panel. If the database is grouped under a database group the groups is opened to highlight the database.
2. When the user is in the table/view level, current table/view is highlighted in the navigation panel. Following situations are handled here.
    a. Tables/views could be directly under the database or inside 'Tables'/'Views' containers.
    b. Tables/views could be grouped based on their names.
    c. A combination of the above two.

The last two feature requests I planned to implement have already been implemented and I plan to write to the developers' mailing list to get approval for some feature requests I'm going to implement in place of them.

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